Boulder Aims to Find Balance Between Arts and Affordability in a Creative Economy


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From the many gallery storefronts to street art splashed proudly across the sides of buildings, on Pearl Street it would be hard to miss that Boulder, Colorado is a city excited about the arts.

Boulder is known across the country for its creative and artistic communities. People move here because of these communities, and they visit, see and buy art here because of them. But with its rising housing costs and stagnant diversity, will the arts remain a staple of Boulder’s reputation?

To address these issues, the city of Boulder adopted a new Community Cultural Planon Nov. 15, 2015. An ambitious 9-year effort, this plan evolved out of almost two years of research to find out the needs and desires of the creative communities which the city serves. Coming at the pressing issues of affordability and diversity from the perspective of workforce, the plan will use vision, strategy and funding in three phases to bolster funding and participation in the arts.

“We had a clear demand from the community that this needs to be a great place for artists to live and work,” said Matt Chasansky, manager of the Office of Arts and Culture for the city.

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