Storytelling Graphic: Arts Participation and Occupations in Boulder

These graphics will accompany an upcoming article about the state of the arts in Boulder on Under the Flatirons, to be published on Nov. 18, 2016.

According to the City of Boulder Community Cultural Plan, a majority of Boulderites are active in artistic or cultural participation. Respondents to the Boulder Community Cultural Plan Survey in 2014 answered the questions displayed in the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of the Boulderites that claim art as a profession, a majority are graphic designers or photographers. Boulder has more artists in artistic fields than any other city in Colorado, other than Denver.


Visual Arts comparison.png

theater arts boulder pie chart.png

theater arts comparison.png

boulder audio visual pie chart.png

audio visual bar chart.png

Source: City of Boulder Community Cultural Plan –


1 Comment

  1. This is a pretty easy to read and eye-pleasing with an interesting collection of data. Not to be nitpicky, but it should be “Of Boulderites WHO claim…” (That refers to things, who refers to people). And wouldn’t all artists be in artistic fields, as opposed to say, athletic fields?
    Why do the people who attend theaters or concert halls get their slice of the pie pulled out from the pie while the other pie charts don’t get that treatment? Shouldn’t photographers be included in visual artists, as well as A/V? As for the cities represented, why not Colorado Springs, Durango, or, for that matter, Denver? Loveland is an interesting choice (it does have an arts scene) but there are other cities of that size or larger that might be edifying comparisons.


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