Video: Hammering at the Farm

Shae and I ventured out to Longmont on Saturday to find out about the art of blacksmithing and the volunteers who keep the art alive through apprenticeships and public engagement.



  1. This video tells a story well and is shot well. We’ve discussed the challenge of having all the pounding in the background of your interview, but the audio of the interview is good. Could you have moved him farther away from the racket in the background (which is a good detail for a few moments, but gets distracting). The opening of the sign and the shop space works well (although I personally hate traffic in the background, but that’s just me). You shot well and have some nice details, but I would have liked to have seen more finished works, more tight shots of the cool old charred tools, and perhaps a tight shot of metal glowing red. It’s great that you’ve got the kids/crowd reacting as the one young blacksmith shows his work. That kind of interaction shot does a lot for a piece like this. As we discussed in class, a bit of dialogue audio would have made some of the shots even better. The closer of the barn, which is a lovely shot, and the hen works pretty well for me. The visuals and your interview tie the story together pretty well overall.


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