Audio Slideshow: A Tour of HOVAB at The Dairy Arts Center

Curator Sally Elliott led me around the shows she curated at The Dairy Arts Center as part of Celebration! A History of the Visual Arts in Boulder.




  1. Hi Kelsey,
    I think you did a really great job of integrating the audio and pictures of each piece of art. Especially the 3D clay composition. It was really cool to see it in the process of being made, and the pictures line up really well with the aspects that the curator is describing. Another great moment was the picture that appeared when Sally was describing the color change in the beads on the instruments. The beginning of the slideshow, though, was a little hard to follow. The pace of the images felt fast, and Sally looks small in the picture that introduces her. I also didn’t get what the knocking/hammering sound was at the beginning and end of the slideshow. The audio on the whole was crisp and clear. Nice work!


  2. Nate’s provided good suggestions. I agree with his point about the pacing early in the piece and the difficulty figuring out what the story was about and what the pounding was about. I think if you had opened with a picture of the art being hung with the pounding sounds, then introduced the curator and the show, that might have made more sense. The details of the art are great, but the piece drags a bit in the middle for the lack of action. Could you keep coming back to the images and natural sounds the show being installed to add action at a few key parts of the slideshow and then come back to the curator’s comments? I appreciate that you got some interaction shots, which add a lot of life to the piece, but I’d also like to see some tighter shots of your subject and maybe some details of her to flesh her out a bit more as a character.


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